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Sound Engineer/Bass/Organist available

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Nov 14, 2007, 12:50 PM

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Sound Engineer/Bass/Organist available

Hi Smile

I'm new to this, so will keep it short and sweet.

I am a fully qualified Sound Engineer and really want to get into Freelance recordings of anything choral/classical/anything. If you live in or around Manchester or Leeds, I will consider doing a recording for free, just so I can get into the swing of recording again, and to try and build a reputation.

Also, I am a Bass in my local choir and the 'organ scholar' there (It's more of a title to get me a car park space as I am not an amazing organist.) so if anybody desperately needs a Bass, get in touch, I can sight read to sing quite easily, if you desperately need an organist, give me a couple of weeks to learn everything Tongue

Thanks for reading