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Oct 12, 2009, 4:14 PM

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2nd Bass acquired.

Thanks for reading



I am looking for a 2nd bass for a Baroque Christmas concert, to join a 9 voice vocal group formed for the event.

Concert Saturday 5th December in London, SW18.
Dress Reh 4th December - attendance at reh essential
There will be an audition.

You must have a strong voice with an expressive lower range, good sight-reading, some experience to Baroque works, and be comfortable singing harmony parts, some exposed. Some of the sung items will be Christmas carols, the rest Corelli.

For all that, it will be an excellent and fun event.

Some expenses paid, and I'm buying the first round in the pub afterwards!

There is also the possibility of singing in further events being planned for next year, same venue.


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