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Badenia Music Festival


Nov 2, 2009, 2:48 PM

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Badenia Music Festival

International festival of choirs and orchestras in Baden (Germany) 05.04 - 08.04.2010

BADEN-BADEN a charming town in the heart of the Black Forest.

Ancient Romans were the first to value the hot springs of Baden-Baden, and in the late 19th century the town became the summer capital of Europe. Whoever arrives in this place can immediately experience its sophisticated atmosphere and enjoy the reassuring joie de vivre it offers. Its unique surroundings the Black Forest numerous villas belonging to the rich and beautiful, hot baths, the largest opera theater in Germany as well as the spa house and the famous casino they all exude the atmosphere of an international resort.

Condition of participation:
- amateur choir or orchestra
- performance of a free program 30-45 min. (performances of symphonic and oratorio works without time limit)