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Midlands based period instrument orchestra

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Apr 5, 2004, 2:53 PM

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Midlands based period instrument orchestra

The Orchestra of Platform 4 and its costumed sister ensemble The 18th Century Concert Orchestra are a professional period instrument ensemble based in the Midlands. They offer choirs and choral societies throughout the country the opportunity of working with top professional musicians for performances of repertoire from the baroque and classical periods. Platform 4 was formed as a quartet in 1996 but soon developed its orchestral side while the costumed orchestra, formed only just over two years ago, has been acknowledged as "one of the finest exponents of baroque music in the country" and won awards from Arts & Business, ACE and commercial sponsors. We are happy to quote for all baroque and classical repertoire, either in costume or in 'plainclothes'. Please contact Mostylea Music Management on 01785 284433 or email