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CLIC SARGENT, THE CHILDRENS CANCER CHARITY NEEDS YOU - every note you sing will save the lives of children with cancer.

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Jan 3, 2010, 3:02 PM

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CLIC SARGENT, THE CHILDRENS CANCER CHARITY NEEDS YOU - every note you sing will save the lives of children with cancer.

My name is Will Kunhardt; I am the principal conductor of the CLIC Sargent Symphony orchestra.

We are in real need of experienced singers for our upcoming concert of Brahms’ German Requiem at St. Pauls, Onslow Square on March 20th.

Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings @St Augustines, Queens Gate, South Kensington, 7-9pm, beginning the 27th of January.

There will be no auditions, but a decent level of sight-reading will be necessary.

Come and join forces with the CSSO and the prestigious SONITUS Chamber choir as we perform Brahms' legendary masterpiece at the CLIC Sargent 2010 Gala concert. We want to expand the chamber choir and create a powerful chorus that will do justice both to the work and to the children we are supporting and representing.

Last year this concert sold out in minutes, received a standing ovation from nearly 1000 audience members and raised thousands of pounds for charity. With this reputation, a newly refurbished, larger venue and an even more extensive marketing strategy, this concert promises to be even more exciting than last year’s was.

Further more it is for an amazing cause; your voices will genuinely save children’s' lives - below is our orchestra’s mission statement:

Every day 10 families are told that their child has cancer. Diagnosis often comes as a shock. Treatment usually starts straightaway and can last up to three years. As the children’s cancer charity, CLIC Sargent is there with clinical, practical and emotional support, every step of the way. The CLIC Sargent Symphony Orchestra supports CLIC Sargent through emotionally inspired musical performance. The orchestra represents today’s generation caring for its’ own and gives emerging musical talent a chance to share ideas, inspiration and above all a compassion for all the young people under the charity’s care.

Musically, the group is a celebration of young and scintillating musical talent. For audiences, this is a unique opportunity to listen to exceptional and international young artists; showcasing not only the genius of the great repertoire and composers they perform, but also the fresh, utterly committed style of playing that is the hallmark of the ensemble’s youth and virtuosity. Furthermore the performers themselves gain crucial experience and the opportunity to develop an exciting orchestral sound for the 21st Century.

to get more information on the orchestra:
view our most recent newsletter at
or watch a video of our last concert at

CLIC Sargent currently save 2 in every 3 children, but that leaves 1 in every 3 that aren’t so lucky, and that is who we perform for. To become part of that vision, please join us for this spectacular event by emailing me on or phoning on 07957 706989

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