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fundraising for choirs


May 10, 2004, 5:36 PM

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fundraising for choirs

You may be interested in a free online fundraising service for choirs, churches (or any community group).

The system is called who provide a free fundraising webshop just like ours at - all you need to do is use the retailers, and any purchase earns a cashback payment. Some, like opening a bank account can earn up to 60 straight away. This is a great way of raising money for buying music (and there is a music retailer on there - Country Bookshop), travel expenses to events, or anything.

If you join up through the link at the foot of the web page or through fundraising , my church will get a 1 referral fee - so it's worth promoting to all your friends in schools, scouts and sports clubs as well.

Chris Tradgett

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