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Conduct with Charisma: a workshop for choral directors

liz garnett

May 24, 2012, 9:24 AM

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Conduct with Charisma: a workshop for choral directors

Back by popular demand, my workshop for choral directors, Conduct with Charisma, will run again on 24 November 2012. Details of the content and how to book can be found at and you can also get a taste of the ideas we'll be exploring through my growing collection of articles on the subject:

Charisma can be a problematic subject for conductors. It is said to be essential for musical leadership, but it is also considered a magical quality beyond our control. People with all the musical skills and personal commitment to direct choirs find themselves doubting their legitimacy because of the mystery surrounding this elusive yet fundamental ingredient.

This workshop lifts charisma’s veil of mystery to explore its inner workings. Through presentations, group discussions and practical exercises, you will discover how charisma works, and thus how to make it happen at will.