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lightening the load.. laws on copyright.

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Sep 11, 2016, 9:34 PM

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lightening the load.. laws on copyright.

I am getting very confused with this one and wonder if anyone can point me to a definitive legal ruling.
We will be doing a concert in which we will be singing one piece from a heavy 100 song compilation. We all have copies of the whole book but don't want to be holding it in our folders through the concert along with an equally large book which we do need to carry. What is the law regarding temporary copies of work we legally hold for this personal use. I don't want opinion.. there is enough of that out there already.. I need some facts..

As I see it, copyright laws are there to protect the rights of composers and publishers.. fully recognise and respect that.. and we have bought enough books and they have received their royalties.. but we don't want to have to carry the whole book unnecessarily.
.. I know the law changed in 2014 and I suspect this is permissible under this ruling as reasonable use.

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