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Russian Choirs for Peace

polina shepherd

May 27, 2022, 2:24 PM

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Russian Choirs for Peace

Come and sing for peace with us and help collect donations for Sunflower Relief for Ukraine!
The Brandenburg Choral Festival of London presents the Russian Choirs of London and Brighton & Hove - 3 June, St. Gabriel's Pimlico.

The choirs bring together music lovers from many backgrounds and promote culture, unity and building bridges through singing. Come and experience deep basses in Orthodox Liturgical Pieces by Rachmaninov and Tchesnokov, gorgeous harmonies in classical scores by Tchaikovsky, and even a modern composition by an Icelandic composer. Hear Art Songs (Romances) from the 18th-19th centuries, traditional lyrical and dance songs and a special addition - Ukrainian songs which the choirs learnt in solidarity with Ukraine. The programme will also include solo and ensemble performances.
Please buy tickets here:

WE have a discount for choir friends. To receive an 8 discount, put code PEACE when checking out.
Best regards,
Polina Shepherd
Russian folk and classics, klezmer and Yiddish