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Geistliche Chor-music by Heinrich Schütz


Sep 24, 2005, 8:21 PM

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Geistliche Chor-music by Heinrich Schütz


Geistliche Chor-Music (SWV 369-397) by the great German early Baroque composer Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672) is a collection of twenty-nine motets for five, six, or seven voices and optional basso continuo. This easy-to-read, scholarly edition by Andrew Thomas Kuster results from a painstaking reexamination of the original part books, printed in 1648. This edition puts Schütz's music in modern clefs, retains the original note values, includes English translations, and has keyboard reductions to simplify rehearsal. Incipits show original part names, clefs, time signatures, and ranges. The edition contains fifty pages of critical commentary, translations of Schütz's preface, and plates to aid study.

Available directly from the publisher:

Or at (ISBN 1-4116-4243-0).

(This work is also commonly spelled Geistliche Chormusic or Geistliche Chormusik, by Heinrich Schuetz or Heinrich Schutz, edited by Andrew Kuster.)