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New vocal ensemble in Yorkshire


Jan 17, 2006, 4:29 PM

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New vocal ensemble in Yorkshire

SINGERS WANTED to form a new vocal ensemble in Yorkshire

The group will...

- be small and informal - between 6 and 12 singers
- meet infrequently - maybe monthly in York or Leeds
- sing at paid events - such as weddings and services
- perform to a high standard - no matter what we sing

Members should...

- be of any voice - soprano, alto, tenor, bass
- be confident sight-readers - we will learn music quickly
- be experienced singers - able to sing-one-to-a-part
- be musically open-minded - willing to try anything

The idea is to give confident singers the opportunity to enjoy more ambitious parts of the choral and vocal repertoire as part of a small, friendly group.

The group will probably be directed, but always informal and flexible.

The group will take on paid engagements when these are available.

For more information, contact