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Is This A good lineup of pieces for my highschools upcoming competition?

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Feb 25, 2006, 1:31 AM

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Is This A good lineup of pieces for my highschools upcoming competition?

Hello im apart of a High School choir(both the mixed and chamber choir)and I was wondering if you guys think we have a good line up of songs to sing when we go on our competition trip to Virginia this spring. But first ill give you some backround info on the choirs past achievments since ive been here.(note:im a Junior Bass 2)

Dover High School Dover,Delaware
1st year: 2004 orlando,florida
mixed choir:First place
Singing:Jenny Rebbeca, Last Words of David, and Soon Ah Will Be Done
Chamber Choir:place unknown(i wasnt apart of it that year)

Last Year 2005 Carribean Cruise
Mixed Choir:First Place Overall(All Year Competition)
Singing:Daemon Irrepit Calidus, A Gaelic Blessing, and Homeward Bound
Chamber Choir:First Place Overall
Singing:El Piango and Elijah Rock

other important stuff:our drumline had also posted the highest score ever at this competition with a 98 with 2 points taken off because of a poor throw and dropped stick when they where performing a trick in which they play while they pass thier sticks and throw across to the first person

This Years Line Up Bush Gardens,VA
Mixed Choir Songs:Psalm 23(The Lord is My Sheppard), Psalm 96(Chantez Adieu), and Ubi Caritas
Select Ensemble(Chamber Choir) Songs:Lux Aurumque, Remember Not Lord Our Offences, and Didnt My Lord Deliver Daniel?

thanks in advance for any helpful advice ^_^