How it works

If you want to place an ad, first you need to register. If you already have an account on another part of the site (the main gerontius choirs directory, or the forum) you will need to register again.

Once you've registered you can place an ad in a category of your choice. See the pricing page for details of what it costs. You can place an ad for a week or more.

People will be able to respond to your ad using a feedback form. You'll receive these enquiries by email.

After you've placed your ad, you can log in again at any time to make changes or delete the ad. This is useful if you've sold the item, or the vacancy has been filled.

We'll send you a reminder email when your ad is about to expire, so you can decide whether to renew it.

Benefits of the gerontius Classified ads pages

Your ad can be live on the site within minutes. No need to wait for the website owner's approval.

Visitors can contact you by email using a feedback form. However your email address is never displayed on the site, as it is on some other musical sites offering to display ads. (This is a very bad idea, as you are likely to receive increased amounts of spam email as a result).

You are sure of reaching a large number of people interested in choral music. The gerontius site receives over 2500 unique visitors per day (average daily figure based on the period of June - November 2007 inclusive). You can expect your ad to be viewed around 100 times a week.

You can log in and update your ad whenever you want. No need to wait for the web site owner to make the changes.

We will send you a reminder when your ad is about to expire, and if you wish you can renew it.

You can log in and view statistics on how many times your ad has been viewed.

If you wish, you can remove your ad at any time (for example when a job vacancy has been filled).

Some feedback from people who have used gerontius to advertise vacancies

"Yes we did have quite a lot of interest generated from this advert .... overall we have 21 applications.... we would definitely post another on Gerontius." Ian H

"We have had a lot of applications". Sharon W

"The ad worked well for us" Lindsey J