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Elgar's Dream of Gerontius

Click here for Forthcoming Performances of The Dream of Gerontius in the UK

Click here for some past perfomances

The Elgar Society has several excellent pages dedicated to the Dream of Gerontius

The Best of Me - A Gerontius Centenary Companion - written by Geoffrey Hodgkins is an comprehensive account of the composition and performance history of the work.

John Henry Newman - articles and essays on the author of the poem; also his own writings. The Newman Reader has the complete text of the poem.

Reduced Orchestrations - If you want to perform the Dream of Gerontius, and you don't have access to a full-sized symphony orchestra, this site is worth a look.

An attractive new edition of the poem has been published by Family Publications, Oxford (email only). There is also an introduction to the poem, and a section dedicated to Elgar's Dream of Gerontius. Price 4.95 + 50p postage.

A Nice Recording

The historical Gerontius was a Roman gereral. Further details are here. Also a pronunciation guide to the name to fuel the debate ...

If you're a Tolkein fan, you'll probably already know that Gerontius Took was Frodo Baggins's great-grandfather. You can find out more on this Tolkein website. See the section on "Gandalf and the Hobbits"!

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